I am so disappointed that as the weather got hot Stacy’s decided to close for dinner service! My family doesn’t like to eat dinner when it’s over 95 degrees. We usually start thinking about that age old question, “What’s for dinner?” after the temperature starts to cool down. Living in between two towns, there are a limited number of dinner choices. Stacy’s was one of the better choices. They are now open for breakfast and lunch, closing at 4pm.

     After our last dinner experience there, I have to admit that closing early is probably a good thing. We had the grandbaby with us and thought a trip to Stacy’s for a good steak was a fabulous idea. My hubby takes awesome control of the grandbaby during restaurant times. She behaves like an angel until we get back into the car and gramma assumes control. Anyway, we entered the place and were greeted by a rude server. I honestly don’t remember which was worse, the mixed up order we were served or her attitude about serving us. I just know that I have never felt like such an inconvenience!  We decided that if we were to ever try eating there again, we would make sure we didn’t sit in her area.

     We have eaten there since. We had a wonderful server named Christina. Our food was ok. The biscuits and gravy  was a little different. The meat in the gravy was strange. Almost a spam like substance. The hashbrowns were a little burnt. The toast was grilled ( I like my toast toasted, silly me). My daughter ordered a chicken fried skillet. She liked it. Her gravy was much better than mine.

     Overall, I like Stacy’s. They have a wonderful owner that gives back to the community. I appreciate her efforts! I hope she finds some better staff. It would be a shame to lose one of our few breakfast dining spots.


I try to live a simple life. I enjoy family, friends and food. The problem is that I live in a small town in North Idaho. Finding good food is not always easy. I am an avid Facebook user. I love to read comments about what my fellow foodies are eating. I love to cook and have spent hours searching Pinterest and Facebook for new and exciting recipes.  At the same time, I am one of those people who would rather eat in a restaurant than slave over a hot stove. I often find myself planning family outings around feeding times in order to avoid having to do the dishes. Now back to the problem of living in a small town…we have a limited array of restaurants. We have eaten at each and every dining establishment in a 40 mile radius on several occasions.  I have to give credit to our small town in that there is never an end to the “Grand Openings” of a new restaurant.  Eating at these new places is always a crap shoot! We have had some wonderful meals at the best our town has to offer. I love to brag about these experiences! Unfortunately, those experiences are few and far between.  I have found myself so furious about spending money on food that my dog won’t eat that I decided I need a place to vent about those gastric traps in order to hopefully help a fellow foodie.